Real Eilat stones from King Solomon Mine, Israel - 25 small pieces


These are the real Eilat stones from the King Solomon Mine, Timna Valley, Eilat, Southern District (HaDarom District), Israel. They often come from other localities. These stones were found by my late husband in 1967, when he was living in a kibbutz in Israel.

The pictures do not justify the beautiful vivid colors. It is impossible to catch the real colors by photographing it.
You really won't be disappointed.

These 25 small ones are the last ones I have left. All the other (bigger ones) are already sold.
The mines are closed since a long time, so there will be no new discoveries.
A real collectors item.

Eilat Stone derives its name from the city of Eilat where it was once mined, it is a green-blue inhomogeneous mixture of several secondary copper minerals including malachite, azurite, turquoise, pseudomalachite, chrysocolla. The Eilat stone is the National stone of Israel, and is also known as the King Solomon Stone.

The largest one is 3.5 cm x 2 cm, the smallest are 1.3 cm x 1 cm and 1.8 cm x 0.7 cm.