Collection pack / starter pack - 10 minerals


Because I searched for minerals for 30 years, I can offer cheap collection/starter packs.
Most of the minerals are miniatures, but there are also some smaller and larger ones.
You get 10 minerals for € 30, the worth is much more.
All minerals come with a label with the location.

Even with the shipping cost, the worth of the minerals is more.
The photos will give you an idea of what you can expect. The photos show you 5 boxes of minerals that I will use to make the packs. More boxes will be filled later.
Minerals in the packs are for example: calcite, quartz, vanadinite, pyrolusite, opal (not the shiny ones), pyrite, chalcopyrite, baryte, galena, schorl, malachite, azurite, aragonite, gypsum, natrolite, fluorapophyllite, gyrolite, epidote, chabazite, thomsonite, etc.